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Take a look at what we have to offer here at Concept Stone, feel free to even give us a call – We can work out any project you have in mind.


Our loyal clients

Emblem Health

At Emblem Health, we had a stone project that we were co-contracting. View the results below.

UGG (Manhattan)

At Uggs, we visited their Manhattan location to work on a storefront project that involved stones and tiling. You can view the outcome below.

101 West & 78th Street

One of the most well-known residential/commercial buildings in Manhattan, New York. We've worked with this client on a project to renovate their hallways, walls, and front desk with new stone! Check out the outcome below!


Current Projects


Currently working on a project in 15 East 26th Street, New York with ICONIQ.

Dreamwear (Dreamwear Inc)

Concept Stone is currently working with Dreamwear Inc on a project on 183 Madison Ave, New York. More details on this soon!

SOBRO Hotel (Bronx)

Co-contracting on a job with SOBRO Hotel in the Bronx, we will have details on this project in the coming future! Check out or instagram & facebook for more details.


Other Projects Featured


Eurostar Belgium
CIM Group 5th Floor
JYRE 50W 47th St 9H
509 Mad Suite #1904
509 Mad Ave 4th & 17th
218 W.18th St-6th Floor
3205 Coney Island
Micro Essential Brooklyn
950 W Fingerbord Rd
Eloon 12 E 52nd St
1407 Broadway, NY
477 Madison Avenue
Savanna 110 Williams Street


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